In June 2013, we managed to establish an association Czech Paraboxing Assotiation (CPA), which specializes in the sports industry box truck.

Czech Republic continued the long tradition of neighboring European countries and the United States.
Handibox is our completely new kind of sport, which adapts to the rules of classic boxing people in wheelchairs.
In Europe, abide by the rules of amateur boxing.
In the world of sport has already had quite a long history. Of the European countries, France holds primacy.
Have conducted many a championships and thanks to the global expansion of the membership base will result in serious discussions about handibox inclusion on the list of Paralympic sports.
So we decided, with significant support from colleagues in France, this sport as well as to transfer us to the Czech Republic. Czech paraboxing association formed by people, respectively. three women who are boxing and other sports for many years devote themselves professionally and are successful.

Its founders are:
Theresa Krejbychová (President CPA), boxer and fitness trainer, who has long experience in training wheelchair and participated in the preparation of the Paralympic athletes.
Eva Líšková (Vice President CPA) is the national team coach of women’s boxing, long a successful fighter (most recently, holds the title belt and world champion in Thai Boxing WKF).
Vlaďka Malikova, the Czech champion in boxing and ward Eva Lišková and the CPA holds the post of secretary.
Other major support is physiotherapist Stanislava Malikova, who has years of experience with the rehabilitation wheelchair and Friedová Magdalene, who is in charge of fundraising association.

In cooperation with the City Umbrella was held for several hours handibox sample.

Czech Paraboxing Association